St. Barts

St. Barts may be small, but it packs a big punch. This island is a favorite of the well-heeled and those looking for top luxury that isn’t showy, just like our St. Barts villas, which are dotted across the island in multiple stunning locales. Choose from Anse des Cayes, Lorient, Gustavia, Toiny, Lurin, Vitet, Gouverneur – the list goes on – and let the Sheldon James team take it from there.

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You’d be forgiven for mistaking some inland corners of St. Barts for France – this French overseas territory has the same sensibilities for style and gourmet food, for example. But look out across the beaches to the turquoise water dotted with yachts and there’s no mistaking it – St. Barts is the Caribbean through and through. 


Sheldon James loves St. Barts for its laid-back Caribbean feel mixed with the essence of Europe. Immerse yourself in this unique place with a Sheldon James villa, already vetted to ensure they meet our clients’ high standards. From selecting the perfect luxury rental to curating onsite experiences with our local partners, Sheldon James knows how to visit St. Barts the right way.

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