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New name in the game, backed by experience.

Who is Sheldon James? Our names may sound familiar; Wade Sheldon Manricks and James D’Silva met working for industry leader Luxury Retreats, helping it grow into one of the world’s most respected villa rental companies. Villas are our passion, and our goal is to take our experience, hard-earned knowledge, and trusted relationships with owners and suppliers and translate that into unforgettable holidays for your clients.

Commissionable Bookings

We recognize the value you bring to every client and we’re excited to work together! We’ll make sure your client is matched to the most suitable villa, and that no detail is left to chance.

Small Team Dynamics

Destination-specific expertise and an unbeatable network help us deliver specialized, high-caliber villa vacations. It also means we are not bogged down by big box policies or procedures; we can make on the spot decisions and when possible, be flexible with our payment and contract terms, giving your clients the best deal possible.

Services and Experiences

Basic needs met in the most un-basic ways. Your vacation with us starts as soon as wheels touch the ground, from personalized airport transfers, spa services, car rentals, pre stocking, chef services, housekeeping services and so much more.

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We’ve done it a thousand times before, but each new chance to craft a perfect holiday for a client is a rush. Let us show you how we do the villa experience!

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